Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting to know you...

This was a "note" on Facebook awhile back...I just love it. If you are a reader, play along. Write 25 things about yourself, then leave me a comment, so I'll know where to go read about you!

25 Things About Me
1. I love the spring and everything that comes with, sun, the smell right before it storms and the calm just after.
2. I LOVE my husband. He keeps me grounded, loves me unconditionally and I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with him.
3. I wish I could wear my wedding dress again.
4. If I don't drink coffee in the morning I'm pretty grumpy.
5. I love Jesus and I do my very best to see people and situations through his eyes.
6. I like peanut butter on my waffles.
7. I wish there were more time in the day.
8. A heated matress pad is currently at the top of my wishlist because our bedroom gets cold at night.
9. Most of the time I would rather stay at home and hang out than go anywhere else...and I love to have people come to my house...even for a random visit.
10. I think I would be a great host of an HGTV show.
11. I want to be friends with Ellen...I DVR her show every day.
12. I wish I could resist the temptation of chocolate, but its powers are too strong :)
13. I feel most comfortable in jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers (flip flops in the summer).
14. My favorite color is green, but not for my house. I like it best on people and outside.
15. I love planning projects.
16. There is nothing like the anticipation of going on vacation, but the best part is the feeling you have when you get home and crawl into your own bed.
17. I miss seeing my friends all of the time...
18. If I were monetarily wealthy, I would live like I do now and give most of my money away.
19. I enjoy working and I really really like my job.
20. If given the opportunity to be a rock star I would take it.
21. I'm a hugger.
22. I love getting older.....and wiser.
23. I think my birthday should be a national holiday...with a parade.
24. My favorite song is the Star Spangled Banner. It gets me every time.
25. I hope I live to be 100.

Be Inspired

I'm feeling quite inspired today...maybe it is because it is Friday, maybe it is because I watched the season premire of Project Runway last night.....
I googled "inspired" and this came up. It is the artist's (Dale Wicks take on the famous Starry Night. It is beautiful. I have always been a fan of Starry Night, but I think Dale has really brought a new dimension to this piece.

In the vein of this new found inspiration, I'm going to try, no, I will knit a sweater, yes, a sweater for me to wear. Not a scarf, not a baby cocoon...a sweater! Woohoo! To avoid frustration, I have decided to do a "knit in one piece" garmet. It is the Rolled-Collar Shrug by Marcia Cleary. I found it on Wish me luck...I'll post pictures as I go along! ( )
If you have knitted this shrug, I would appreciate tips and guidence!!

What is inspiring you lateley?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Cocoon pics

This is the baby cocoon I spoke of a few posts ago. The first picture are the in progress pics, then the front and back of the finished product. I'm working on another one now in a different yarn, pictures to follow. I found the pattern on This was my first time knitting in the round but it was not as difficult as I assumed it would be. The pattern was really easy to follow too.
It is a little hard to tell from my pictures, but there is a little collar that flips over the top and both sides are held together by the little button cuflink I made. The button is completely removable.

I don't have any little kiddos to put in it yet, but it never hurts to have a go-to baby shower gift!! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Okay, if you know me, you know that my ultimate weakness is comfy shoes that are cute. On this note, I purchased some UGG Cardy boots on Victoria's last week. I've had a giftcard to VS since my personal shower (i.e. lingere shower) last April (read 2008...yikes!). I know, I know, I should have spent that long ago on something to impress my husband, I just don't see the sense in that stuff, but that is a post for another day. So, now for the calculation...

The boots were originally $150 and were on clearance for $99. My GC was a generous $50 and the website was having a 40% off all clearance promo. So, Final boot price was $59 - $50 = $9 + tax and shipping = final price (out of my penny pinching pocket) $25. AMAZING! The boots arrived a mere 15 minutes ago (yes, I had them shipped to work, this place is cool like that!) and I am sharing a picture with the wide world of blogers (read..the one person who reads my blog). I'm pumped. Picture below. Let the jealousy ensue. :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I just finished the cutest project ever! I'll post a pic next is a little baby cocoon. *aww*

So I had an epiphany last night...some people are just stupid. There is no helping them. You just have to love them and accept thieir limited ability to understand complex subjects. I think these people masquarade as self centered or selfish people most of the time, but that is a mis-diagnosis. They're just a little on the dumb side. I'm not really a repeater. If someone doesn't understand the first time, explain in another way, but after that they're on their own. Basic learning principles, right? I think I'm still a little grumpy. haha...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lion Brand Yarn...

I have to say that I really, really love Lion Brand Yarn. I realize that most knitters out there prefer more expensive yarn, but I just can't help but love Lion. On that note, they have now made all of their patterns free on their website! Yes, FREE! Visit to see these fabulous patterns. I have made their circle scarf...their patters are super easy to follow.

On another note...I think I may have been grumpy last night or something, but we had a family member drop in a 9pm. Now I realize that John and I are 26 & 27 with no kids, but we still work! I was actully in the shower when the drop in occured. I hurried to get out and get dressed and get to the living room. I hadn't eaten dinner yet, because we had just come in from working outside...which means you have to take a shower. So I listened to what our dropin had to say (which could have been accomplished in a phone call) and then said, "Well, I'm glad you stopped by, but I haven't eaten dinner yet." Then went to the kitchen to make my dinner. The dropin stayed for a little while longer talking to John in the living room, then made their exit about 9:45pm. Geez! Maybe it is just me...but if I feel like dropping by on a weeknight after 7:30, I call. How do you establish that this is not acceptable behavior? Maybe I just need to accept that people do what they want to...I'm okay with that until it impedes on my wind-down time. What to do??

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pictures of work...finally!

These are a few things I have done in the last couple of months. There is a dishcloth and lots of scarves that I have included.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A few family pics!

These are a few pics of my sweet husband and our little Lucy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A new venture....

I plan to use this blog to connect with my fellow crafty people out there...
I started knitting about a year ago and I really enjoy it. I work full time, so it is definately a hobby, but I hope to continue to improve and hopefully meet others who are on the same journey.
A little about me...
I've been married to my wonderful husband for over a year now. He is very supportive of my creative endeavors. We have a little dog named Lucy. She's almost four. Maybe I'll knit her a sweater one day.