Friday, August 14, 2009

Lion Brand Yarn...

I have to say that I really, really love Lion Brand Yarn. I realize that most knitters out there prefer more expensive yarn, but I just can't help but love Lion. On that note, they have now made all of their patterns free on their website! Yes, FREE! Visit to see these fabulous patterns. I have made their circle scarf...their patters are super easy to follow.

On another note...I think I may have been grumpy last night or something, but we had a family member drop in a 9pm. Now I realize that John and I are 26 & 27 with no kids, but we still work! I was actully in the shower when the drop in occured. I hurried to get out and get dressed and get to the living room. I hadn't eaten dinner yet, because we had just come in from working outside...which means you have to take a shower. So I listened to what our dropin had to say (which could have been accomplished in a phone call) and then said, "Well, I'm glad you stopped by, but I haven't eaten dinner yet." Then went to the kitchen to make my dinner. The dropin stayed for a little while longer talking to John in the living room, then made their exit about 9:45pm. Geez! Maybe it is just me...but if I feel like dropping by on a weeknight after 7:30, I call. How do you establish that this is not acceptable behavior? Maybe I just need to accept that people do what they want to...I'm okay with that until it impedes on my wind-down time. What to do??


Rose said...

I hate "no caller aheaders" too! I think for the most part no one has any manners anymore. I just got a book on that actually. :)

The Ashes said...

All of their patterns are free?! Yay!!

I have tooooons of yarn that I need to do something with. Decent amount of Lion brand too. Im all about the cheap yarn. Haha.