Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to life....

It has been a little too long since I last blogged. If you've read my profile, then you know I work for a professional sports team. Lets just say that summer is over...things are back to normal. Back to life, back to reality. I'm learning that when you have a job that moves with the seasons, there are a few weeks of trying to re-gain that perfect work-life balance. Until that happens, you get home after work everyday and try to catch your breath. I'm getting there.
In the mean time, I've been knitting my fingers to the bone making little baby cocoons, scarves, dishtowels and dish cloths. Why, you ask? Well, I have decided to do a holiday craft show. The place already has banners out. I've never done one before, but I have been reading and looking for advice. All sources say to take more that you think you could possibly that is my goal. I think it will be a great experience. Does anyone have any great patterns for dishtowels/dishcloths? So far, I have just been making up my own.

So the update on my sweater is that I bought the yarn. I found the yarn I wanted on sale, so I bought plenty for the sweater. No stiches on the needles just yet...maybe I'll start working on it during the craft show!

I'll post pictures of the latest work soon....until then enjoy the cooling weather and the changing colors of the trees.


Katherine said...

Yey for craft shows! I want to do one soon :) Don't have any patterns for dishcloths but i'll keep a look out for you


Anonymous said...

where is the craft show?