Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I must share!!

Hello everyone! I must share my latest baby shower gift. Both items were created for my sweet friend who is having her 3rd little boy. What a busy place her house will be!!! She is the kind of gal who truly appreciates a handmade item, so I couldn't resist creating something for her. First I made a baby cocoon out of a beautiful teal chanelle yarn that I came across. It is soooooo soft. Then I made some baby booties. I first attempted to make the booties out of the same chanelle in a different color, but they were huge!! After modifying pattern, yarn and needle size, I made some really cute little cotton booties for her new little man. They ended up being 3" long by 2" tall. I'm thinking of making more booties in other colors for the craft show this fall...let me know what you think.

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