Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Stuff!!

Thanks to Amanda over at, I have new fun blog dates, titles, and sidebar titles, with a fancy signature. She is great...if you are looking to make your blog a little fancier, she has easy to follow tutorials....

Also, a big thanks for the new background to Mikelle at My Style Backgrounds. I don't have much to write about has been one of those run of the mill, nothing spectacular happened, good days.

So, since I have nothing to write about...I'll show you a picture of my super clean and shiny car I just had it cleaned yesterday. It is a Ford Escape Hybrid and I really enjoy driving it. It is totally loaded out with leather, sunroof, chrome package, navigtion, 6 disc CD, sat. is just kind of fancy and I like it :) I took this pic as I was walking to my car after work because it was just too clean not to document in a photograph.

Until next time...

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